Family Violence

Family violence is considered by some to be one of the most challenging issues facing our society today. And at Daniel and Halstead we could not agree more. But for reasons other than what you might think. Research confirms that men and women suffer almost equally from abuse. However, the media and government agencies focus almost exclusively on allegations of abuse suffered by women at the hands of men. More money is spent on women’s programs, and more crusades are launched on the behalf of women who are victims of domestic violence despite the fact that men are almost equally or in some cases more likely to be victims of both physical and psychological abuse.

We realize that in the criminal justice system these biases can have a profound effect on your ability to get a fair consideration of your case. We have represented many individuals, both men and women, who have been charged with some form of domestic violence, and in each of those our guiding principle has been our determination to ensuring that “your side of the story” gets a fair shake at being heard. At Daniel & Halstead Criminal Defense we are passionate about our belief that gender should not be a consideration when it comes to “who gets to go downtown.”