Client Reviews

Best in San Antonio


This law firm is the best in San Antonio. Veronica and Brittany always answered my questions. All the lawyers of this firm fought for me and gave me the best options. I recommend this firm without a doubt, they won my case and gave me the peace I needed.

Worth every penny!


I had been profiled and wrongfully charged with felony tampering with evidence. I chose to get a court appointed lawyer, but soon realized it was the worst choice because they wanted me to plead out for 2 years of supervised probation and to make a decision by the end of the day after not being able to even get in contact with the appointed lawyer. When I sought counsel through Daniel and his team, they made me a priority and fought hard for my case and got me a dismissal with no pleas or pre trials. He (Douglas Daniel) is a very good person, but I hope we never have to meet again. But, if I need a lawyer again I will call his number and highly recommend him to anybody seeking a strong legal team. Worth every penny!

He went above and beyond.


I walked into Daniel & Halstead scared, confused, and with no idea what was going on in my case. Woodrow Halstead, better known as Woody, listened to everything I had to say without interrupting me or making me feel like I was talking too much or being overly dramatic. He went above and beyond to make me feel like there was a chance for me to get through this. With this team on my side, I feel confident that things are going to turn out better than they seem right now. Brittany was an absolute angel on the phone, and Veronica as well, and they helped me every time I've called with any question I've had. They are working with me as far as my financial situation goes which is greatly appreciated and not always the case when it comes to hiring an attorney. Whatever the outcome, I know in my heart of hearts that these people are going to try their best to make it the best outcome possible. Thanks guys, and thank you for taking the case.

They fought a TOUGH case for me and WON!


I don't what to say! Doug Daniel and Woody Halstead are AMAZING! They fought a TOUGH case for me and WON! My case was a disaster, and these gentlemen took it, put it all together, and got it done! Don't even bother looking for another attorney, these guys are it; the real deal! They don't BS you, and they don't ignore you. They are straight shooters and KNOW what the hell they are doing.

Highly regarded and recommended.


The Law office of D&H was very responsive to any questions or inquiries I had about our case. They always kept me informed as to the status of our case and made sure to explain any of the legal terminology and jargon in understandable terms. Though we hope you don’t ever need a law firm, this one is highly regarded and recommended by me.

Respectful and caring for his clients.


One of best public offenders I’ve met so far; very respectful and caring for his clients, office staff very friendly and respectful, would recommend highly!

I highly recommend this law firm.


Mr. Daniel has been a phenomenal representative in the past and if ever in need I know who to call. Mr. Daniel has gone above and beyond to help not only myself but others I know of as well in their cases and he will do the same for you, I’m sure of it!!!

I cannot say enough.


Competent, knowledgeable, and proactive. Throughout my experience, I felt I was consistently treated as a priority. Very patient and responsive to my questions and concerns. Office staff is very knowledgeable and responsive. I cannot say enough. Very pleased with quality and professionalism of service provided.

What a wonderful attorney!


Mr. Halstead is extremely professional and courteous. He takes the time needed to answer all your questions and when needed visited the defendant as well as spoke to the family. He is compassionate, understanding, and I would highly recommend him. We had a criminal case that really needed a little extra help and he was there. Trust that he will represent you well. Thanks again from a grateful client.”

I highly recommend Doug Daniel and his team.


From the beginning to end my family and I had the best experience with him as our lawyer to represent my bf who had three major charges against him...After a few weeks being in contact with Doug and his team we got the best news we could have received that all three charges had been dismissed and that he would soon be home with us ...we will forever be grateful to Mr Daniel and his team.

His skill in the courtroom was where we really knew we hired the best lawyer.


I would recommend Doug Daniel highly if you have any need for a defense lawyer. He is both smart and experienced. He is excellent when it comes to steering clients through the process, and giving advice on the best strategy for success. He helped my son with all of these things, but his skill in the courtroom was where we really knew we'd hired the best lawyer. His presentation persuaded the Court to grant deferred probation which was an answer to prayer. Thanks to Doug, my son has an opportunity to put legal troubles behind him. Doug helped him get his life back! Thank you Doug!

Best lawyer I ever had!


Best lawyer I ever had! Mr. Daniel was the Don of lawyers. I'll refer him to anybody hands down. I have the utmost respect for him! Thanks for everything sir!

I will highly recommend.


Thank you Doug for your help in such a scary situation. I will highly recommend him to anyone that asks if I know a great attorney!

The whole experience was amazing.


I caught a charge and I was really stressing and mildly depressed! I was referred to this Law firm and told to ask for (Douglas) Daniel. They represented me in court and I didn’t have to really do anything but correspond. The whole experience was amazing. I definitely think it was worth the value. Veronica is amazing. Just be upfront and honest with the staff and they will take care of you!

Facing 25 years---case dismissed.


After I was arrested I searched for and spoke to numerous lawyers and felt no confidence. I began looking through the"Top 22 Lawyers" list and found you. I spoke with the paralegal Brittany and she had a lawyer call me back within minutes. After speaking with the lawyer, Mr. Halstead (a military Veteran) I was more at ease and knew this was the right lawyer. The up front cost wasn't ridiculous and he was already making a plan on how to move forward. We spoke often at his office answering any questions I had and he also called me to let me know what was going on with my case. My charges were very serious and I was originally looking at a possible 25 years, but with his advice to hold out for a better outcome, it was 8 yrs, then it was just probation then it was dismissed. I owe it to Mr. Halstead for his knowledge of the criminal justice system and knowing when and how to present his case. I would "Highly" recommend Mr. Halstead in any criminal case because of his professionalism and knowledge base. Thanks to Mr. Halstead and his team (Brittany and Veronica) I got my life back!

San Antonio's best attorney.


Woodrow Halstead sets the standard for legal work in San Antonio and south Texas. I have asked for his expert counsel on several matters of great importance to my business, and his legal acumen and ability to get to the heart of the matter are unmatched. Even more than his legal expertise - his integrity and work ethic make him a "must have" in any legal situation.

You gave me my life back.


I was in a big messy divorce and allegations arose of misconduct with my child ( to put it mildly ). After putting money down with a criminal lawyer that I will not name, I saw the beginning of a scary path because the lawyer lacked sufficient experience in these type of cases. So I looked up your law firm and decided to present my case.

I was informed of what to expect and what not to expect. But throughout the conversations I’ve seen the experienced lawyers treating this case with diligence. What I experienced in the court room when my lawyer questioned the states negligence in facts and lack of officers experience in sensitive information was overwhelming to witness; since I would have never known what to expect in this type of case. My confidence with my lawyer Woody was further uplifted when the intern lawyer that I met during the trial proceedings told me that a lot of interns come to see him defend his clients. It was almost a god given sign that I had the right person for what is the most traumatic experience in my life... Thank you Woody, you gave me my life back.

I was really pleased!


I needed legal representation and I was recommended by a bail bond person. I was greeted by a professional paralegal named Veronica, and she set up a Consultation with Doug Daniel. My experience was top -notch and my legal cases we’re resolved rather quickly and I was really pleased! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Doug Daniel as your attorney!

I am free to return to a normal life.


If you are considering hiring a lawyer, I highly recommend calling the Law Office of Daniel & Hudson. In February 2019 I was arrested for a crime that did not occur. Mr. Daniel and Mr. Halstead were instrumental in navigating the Texas criminal justice system on my behalf. Mr. Daniel and Mr. Halstead listened carefully during the initial consultation and immediately started to work my case.

Within a short time, due to their negotiations with the judge and prosecutor, I was able to successfully return to my career while the case was still pending. Mr. Halstead's recent career as a prosecutor in the DA's office was indeed an asset in this situation. He handled most of the work regarding my case. I would always feel so much better after talking with Mr. Halstead regarding the developments.

Long story short, the case against me was dismissed and closed; I am free to return to a normal life. Both Mr. Daniel and Mr. Halstead are very professional, quick to listen and intentional with their words and actions. They returned phone calls in a timely manner, they were prompt with their appointments, and they were accommodating to my schedule. I felt like they were highly respectful and supportive of both me and my wife throughout this entire ordeal. Additionally, the office staff was very courteous and professional at all times. Thank you to the entire team!

Case Dismissal!


Mr. Daniel and his entire team were a tremendous help in our family’s time of need. From the initial consultation, we were assured this firm would be professional and accommodating. Doug’s knowledge of the nuances of these types of cases is unmatched. Doug and his staff always answered our questions (we had many!) and were clear in communicating what to expect through the entire process. We especially admired their continued communication and reassurance during challenging times. Their persistence and expertise ultimately led to the dismissal of the case.

He never gave up.


In October of 2015 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident on I-35 South in San Antonio. I was riding my motorcycle late at night and going through a curve when I saw a disabled pickup truck with a trailer that had pulled to the side of the road. Unfortunately the trailer was not completely pulled out of the lane of traffic. As I slowed to pass the broken down truck something knocked me off of my motorcycle and I skidded to a stop on the pavement. I later learned that my motorcycle had continued rolling forward until it struck the back of the trailer, flipped into the air, landed on the top of the pickup and fell onto the highway at the side of the pickup truck. I was taken to the hospital and treated for serious injuries and later released.

In May of 2018 I was arrested and charged with Intoxication assault with a deadly weapon. It was completely unexpected. I hired attorney Douglas S. Daniel to represent me. It was through him that I learned that the DA was saying that I hit the driver of the truck as he was standing at the back of the trailer, causing him serious bodily injury. I knew that could not be true. Douglas believed me and worked hard to piece together from the evidence what actually happened. Although it took long time and many court appearances, Douglas was finally able to convince the DA that the vehicle damage actually confirmed that the driver of the truck had walked out into the lane of traffic and had knocked me off of my motorcycle. He got the felony dismissed. He never gave up. I am glad I hired him and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with a criminal case.

I could not have hoped for a better outcome.


In the winter of 2017 I was arrested for a felony, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. After sifting through large firms and small firms alike, I read the reviews this law firm and decided that they would be the best to represent me. Considering the outcome of my case, I am confident that I made the right decision. Doug Daniel represented me, and from the first meeting I was impressed by his professionalism, integrity, and straightforwardness. Any previous fears about choosing a smaller firm were immediately alleviated. Doug Daniel is a fantastic attorney and has connections all throughout Texas. These connections proved invaluable to my case and not only was my charge reduced to a misdemeanor Deadly Conduct charge, he was able to put it on the path to expunction. After a short period of community service and probation, my Class 3 Felony is going to be completely erased from my record and will not impede me in my pursuit of a professional career. I could not have hoped for a better outcome and I could not recommend this attorney more.

Always delivering and coming through for their clients!!!


If there’s ever a dill and I’m in a pickle, with no hesitation this is the place is I’m calling without a doubt. I highly recommend this firm! Mr. Hudson, as well as Mr. Daniel’s (in different situations) have represented me and each time they have never failed to amaze! If I’m ever in need of help with questions or concerns I may have OR had, they’ve been here! So much appreciation and gratefulness to the both of them and their staff. Always delivering and coming through for their clients!!!

The Lord blessed me with an awesome lawyer!!


My son got into trouble and was picked up on a felony charge. The wonderful compassionate man with integrity that Douglas Daniel is was able to bring down my son's sentence to a misdemeanor and being that he was already incarcerated in jail for another crime Douglas was able make sure my son got credit for the time he was already serving to run concurrent, so my son will not have to serve more time.

I surely recommend Douglas to anyone that is looking for a lawyer that goes above and beyond the call of duty, with integrity and compassion. This is a man that cares for his clients and is making sure he's looking for the best interest of his clients. It's definitely not about the money, it's about helping those in need with integrity and compassion. God blessed Douglas as a lawyer that is humble, caring and a loving human being for those that find themselves on the other side of the law. Douglas cares for his clients. I don't need to say no more, for when you meet this awesome lawyer you will know what I mean by compassion and integrity. He loves what he does, for it shows towards his clients.

God bless Douglas and his family and staff. I knew God was on my side when I met Douglas. Thank you God in Jesus name. There was victory today because of an awesome lawyer like Douglas. Keep up the great job.

The man, the myth, the legend.


Douglas Daniel...the man, the myth, the legend. I was referred to Doug from a friend of a friend. Last year I had an unfortunate run in with the law. Living in California and traveling back to Atlanta for a visit to my parents I was pulled over in Junction, Texas and charged with a state felony marijuana possession.

It was my first time ever being arrested. I was distraught and afraid. I had travel plans the following year and having to tell my parents that their son is now a convicted felon was something I never thought I'd ever have to do. Fast forward to a year later, Doug was able to get my sentence reduced from state jail felony w/ 2-3 yrs probation to a misdemeanor marijuana possession with very minimal probation time. I saw him first hand do everything within his power to help minimize my sentence. He helped put me at ease, and I was able to trust him without a doubt.

To say that Doug is an advocate is a severe understatement. Helping others is what he does first and foremost and it shows; from driving me to and from court to passing on years of wisdom and treating me to some incredible Texas BBQ. Doug is simply one of the most genuine people I've ever met in my life. He simply changed my life for the better. I received a much needed wakeup call and Doug made sure I wasn't penalized too severely. Much more than an attorney. Highly recommended, his experience, wit, candor, honesty and genuine character makes him the best. Give him a call if you ever have to deal with the Texas justice system.

He made a miracle happen in regards to my case.


Mr. Daniel returned a call my mother had left late in the evening, and offering his services. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I knew him for a short time and in that time he was prompt with his responses, always getting back to my Mother and I immediately!

He made a miracle happen in regards to my case, it was divine! I was expected to see a year in County Jail for a MTR (especially, since we’re dealing with a Judge that has a reputation for being unrelenting and chances of meeting in a middle ground and being nonexistent).

My Mother dealt with him and his partner Jeb Lock, for the most part. They were so wonderful, I cannot say enough nice things about their services. They always responded quickly to every question and concern, always on time, respectful, fully measured up, and truly showing us what an "Attorney" should be. What an excellent example.

Again, thank you Mr. Daniel and to you Mr. Lock. Y’all are stand up men. We appreciate everything you gentlemen did! From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much for everything.

His way of sensing the innocence in his clients is what led us to the dismissal.


Our plight began with a long custodial battle for my husband's son. After years of battles in the courtroom, my husband finally got custody of his son. After our win, his mother made false accusations about me and was able to convince one of our local assistant district attorneys that I had committed a felony crime against her. The only way I found out about the accusation was during my arrest. I was dumbfounded and I had no idea about what was going on. Even the officer told me, "you look surprised." I was. At least he was kind enough to let me call my husband and let him know where I was headed. I immediately bonded out, but it is an experience you never want to have to go through. Our biggest surprise was that the investigator never contacted us to hear our side of the story. We immediately met with Daniel and Hudson criminal defense lawyers. I had never been in any kind of trouble in my life. Mr. Daniel met with us for several hours at our first meeting and after we hired him. He worked diligently with the district attorney's office to prove our story.

To no avail the assistant district attorney would not budge. Mr. Daniel was able to get the ADA to reduce the charges and provide us with a misdemeanor plea deal. My husband and I thought long about it and after several meetings later with Mr. Daniel we decided we would take it just so that this nightmare would be over. Mr. Daniel could sense that I was very uncomfortable with this decision and he also felt like I was not guilty of the charges that had been brought upon me. After all, my husband and I have a son to raise and I didn't want another court battle. I simply didn't think I could take the stress again of a trial. Mr. Daniel told me, "You know what?, I'm going to take this back to the DA." "I want you guys to help me too, you get me something tangible that I can take to the DA and prove to her that this is just retaliation on the part of the mother for losing custody." We did just that. After talking with the ADA again and presenting our materials, Mr. Daniel was able to get the case dismissed. I can honestly say that I have never felt so much relief as when he called to tell me it was all over. I still had to appear in court but it was just to wait for a copy of my dismissal.

Mr. Daniel was honest and worked hard for us. His way of sensing the innocence in his clients is what led us to the dismissal. Thank you Mr. Daniel and God Bless you and your family.

You helped my family in a time of desperate need.


I am a permanent resident in this country, working as an IT Professional, consulting for some of the fortune 100 corporations. I worked very hard to get my Green Card. I have a wife and we are raising our four children here in the United States and teaching them the American way of life. Earlier last year I was indicted by a Bexar County Grand Jury for Human Trafficking and Unlawful Possession of Identifying Information. I was devastated. I knew I was innocent but I could not get anyone to listen to my side of the story. I was released from my job as a result of the charges and suddenly my entire world was in jeopardy. A conviction, even probation, on either of the charges would have resulted in deportation and loose physical contact with my family.

I needed legal representation desperately. I looked on the Internet and found the law firm of Daniel and Hudson. I made an appointment and met with Douglas Daniel for a consultation. I found in him a man of integrity and compassion who believed in my story and in me. For several months, he tried to show the District Attorney's office how unjust the charges were, but they would not dismiss the charges. Finally, he told me that the only solution that would protect my ability to remain in this country was to have a trial before a jury. I was not sure exactly what that would be like, but Mr. Daniel took the time to explain the process to me and help me prepare my case.

One of my main witnesses was my brother. He lives in Tanzania where we are from. We could not get him a Visa in time to appear in person at my trial but that did not stop Mr. Daniel. He filed a Motion with the Court and persuaded the Judge to let my brother testify from Tanzania using Skype. I found out that this was something that had never been done before in a criminal case in Bexar County. The case took an entire week to try. I was able to see in person what a good trial lawyer I had hired. He knew how to present my story to the Jury in a way that they could understand. After deliberating on the case for two hours the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty on both charges.

As a result of Mr. Daniel's efforts, I will be able to have these charges expunged from my record and hopefully I will be able to put my life back together again. None of this would be possible without his determination to give me justice. There is no other lawyer for me and my family. Thank you, Mr. Daniel. You helped my family in a time of desperate need.

A tribute to the legal profession.


A fantastic law firm that is both ethical and aggressive in defending their clients. They are a tribute to the legal profession.

Yay, dismissed!


I am a full time student who was moving to fast in life that I ended up getting charged with a Misdemeanor of Possession of Marijuana. I was recommended to Douglas Daniel from my bonds lady. She said he is the best in San Antonio for this and sure enough he was. I was able to get it dismissed I was so happy that I went to him. He was and is a awesome lawyer to have by your side. Thank you! God bless!

I would and will highly recommend Doug Daniel.


I was charged with a DUI I felt was unjust and I was essentially being railroaded. Doug Daniel came highly recommended so I gave him a call. Due to his tenacity, determination, and intimate knowledge of the law, the case was ultimately dismissed with a not guilty verdict. Had I hired an attorney of lesser caliber and professionalism the outcome could have been much different. I would and will highly recommend Doug Daniel to anyone needing a defense attorney.

I was found Not Guilty


I was recently arrested for DWI in a small town south of San Antonio near where I live. I did not think I was guilty of this charge. Also, I am working on completing the requirements that will allow me to be a fireman in San Antonio and having this charge on my record would keep me from realizing my dream. Several people I know suggested I contact attorney Douglas Daniel. He has practiced all over South Texas for over thirty years and has a reputation for fighting hard for his clients and getting results that no one else seems to be able to get. He told me that the only way to keep from having this charge on my record would be to take the case to trial. It took longer than I thought it would to get a trial, but Mr. Daniel would not be put off and in the end I was found not guilty. I am very glad that I hired Mr. Daniel to handle my case. He knew exactly what was needed to be successful in my case and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with a matter involving the law.

I STRONGLY recommend Douglas Daniel.


I am very proud to say I hired the law firm of Daniel and Hudson. Douglas Daniel was our lawyer. I hired Mr. Daniel to represent my niece in a drug related case. I was so scared when I first went to his office. But I felt more and more at ease after talking to him. He took the time to explain my niece's case to us in a way we could understand. When we left his office I felt a lot better. He kept us informed every step of the way and if I ever called he was there. I am most proud to say we had a great outcome at the end. I STRONGLY recommend Douglas Daniel to anyone who is looking to win their case without a doubt. At least I know if I ever need a Lawyer I can count on him to win my case.

If you are charged with a DWI, these guys are good.


Mr. Daniel represented me on a DWI charge here in San Antonio that included a blood specimen that showed a pretty high blood alcohol content. He called an expert witness and filed a pretrial motion and got the evidence of my blood alcohol content thrown out. He continued to work hard on the case and convinced me to not take any plea bargain. When my case was finally called for trial the district attorney dismissed the case. If you are charged with a DWI, these guys are good. I would recommend them to anyone.

I would recommend him (Mr. Daniel) to anyone.


I am very glad that I hired the law firm of Daniel and Hudson to handle my case. Mr. Daniel was my lawyer. He took the time to listen to my side of the story and made me feel like I had a fighter in my corner. I work hard and hold a prominent position in my community and he understood how concerned I was that being charged with a criminal offense could damage my reputation and that of my family. He did not quit until the charges against me were dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone that asks me for help in getting a lawyer.